About Us

What is WYSKA?

WYSKA stands for : [W]hat [Y]ou [S]hould [K]now [A]bout .

WYSKA is a user generated encyclopedia of the good and bad of everything.

In other words a place where you can find the pros and cons of just about anything - from places to politicians - based upon user experiences.

For example, let's say that you want to purchase a car. First you read all the dealer advertising. Then you read a few reviews that the dealer allows on their site. You even spend hours researching various review sites trying to figure out what is the best PRO or the worst CON and what the experience of most people really is... well, you get the idea, lots of work and research that WYSKA will make it possible in just a few clicks.

WYSKA will help you to do a search quicker and to read all the PROS and CONS in a single place, not just for cars but for anything that you want or need or are just interested in. Everything based on real user experience and knowledge.